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    Welcome to leave us a message
    • Welcome to leave a message
    • Aaron Netherlands:Leaving a message time:2022-06-27 19:33:55
      Hello, can I get the Data Sheet and Pinout for RP-RK3568. I want to make my own development board for this system on a module. Please contact email.
    • Michael Rusko:Leaving a message time:2022-06-03 15:43:58
      Hi Dears, I’m looking for Rockchip RP-RK1808 expanding board for new development of my customer. Quote me please for 1 pcs/ sample. I would also like to check if these development boards are available in your stock. Also my client is willing to consider a minimum order quantity if it is not possible to supply 1 sample. Thanks in advance! Have a good day!
    • Joseph Lejowa:Leaving a message time:2022-05-03 16:48:42
      Good day, I am from Botswana. I am building a robotics project for local students and I am interested in using your ARM computers to design my project. I have contacted you on Alibaba for the RK3399 and RK3568 development boards. At the end of my project I will be building customized tablets for robotics and science students.
    • 游客:Leaving a message time:2022-03-30 21:38:14
      Hello, Can I get a Block digramm and Data Sheet RP-RK3568?
      reply:reply time:2022-06-13 09:36:03
      Hello! Please leave your contact information!
    • AsepaDibra:Leaving a message time:2022-03-09 05:24:52
      Your phrase is matchless... :) https://how6youtoknowc.org/map.php
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